Laser Cutting for the Construction Industry

At Laser Specialists, we offer laser cutting services to compliment the construction industry. We provide commercial applications that offer numerous benefits, taking the building construction industry onto the cutting edge of technology. We serve construction markets with ply cutting, laser templating and laser metrology solutions. The engineers at LSI offer the construction industry leading product lifecycle management and prototype development and CAD automation solutions which help our construction customers develop quality parts in rapid fashion without tooling.

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How Laser Cutting Services Benefit the Construction Industry

The use of laser technology in the construction industry is becoming more preferred, especially among those contractors working on larger-scale commercial projects. The trend continues to grow because the process expedites traditional manual processes, such as leveling, aligning, plumbing and squaring. Laser technology also provides new advantages in areas such as excavation and pipe installation. Laser Specialists will help your company meet contractor demands by delivering fast turnarounds and reduced costs. We offer low-power yet technically visible lasers to construction contractors in relatively inexpensive packages.

Construction Applications

As construction industry leaders, we continue to develop the latest technology providing our customers with the definitive choice in laser cutting solutions. We offer 3-axis and 5-axis laser cutting machines, producing parts faster, better and at a reduced cost. Our specialists provide construction professionals with quality assured solutions to design, cut and fabricate construction projects. Offering both prototype and production services, we are capable of mass manufacturing an order without setting limitations on part quantities. Our construction laser cutting services are used for a wide range of materials including:

  • Mild, high strength, stainless and galvanized steel
  • Wood and Mylar
  • Rubber, foam and fabric
  • Titanium and Inconel
  • Ceramic, plastic and acrylic
  • Other nonferrous material

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How Laser Specialists Can Help Your Construction Company

Difficult machining and expensive prototyping are virtually eliminated with our laser cutting services. If your construction company needs any of the following, we are here to help:

  • Prototype support
  • Engineering changes on a production run
  • Alternative to building expensive dies
  • Maximized customization
  • Strict cutting tolerances
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Responsive customer service

Constant investment and expansion within Laser Specialists has enabled us to remain at the top of the field. Our innovative machinery leads the way in sheet metal cutting, castings, forgings and metal welding and fabrication requirements, allowing Laser Specialists to meet and satisfy our customers requirements every time. Let us help you maximize customer profit and your overall success. Contact us today to begin the process. Call 586-294-8830.