Laser Cutting in the Military

Laser Specialists Inc. provides laser-cutting services that are unbeatable for the military and defense industries. We are equipped to work within government regulations while still delivering the fastest turnaround and lower costs. Laser Specialists is experienced working with even the most complex metals and materials that are utilized in military and defense. We focus on what you care about most; precision, quality, value, turnaround and customer service.

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Laser Cutting Services for Military & Defense

We provide a range of services for the military and defense industries. LSI can help you with prototype support, engineering changes on a production run, an alternative to running expensive dies and maximized customization. Not only do we offer the customer support and services that you need for your low-production parts, but we also provide rapid turnaround and strict cutting tolerances. Our military and defense applications offer quality systems and production equipment that delivers the parts you need for armored vehicles, military aircrafts, nuclear submarines and more. We also work with a range of materials including:

  • Mild, high strength, stainless and galvanized steel
  • Titanium and inconel
  • Ceramic, plastic and acrylic
  • Wood and mylar
  • Rubber, foam and fabric
  • Also, other nonferrous material

We are the leader in laser cutting technologies, providing military and defense applications with the utmost accuracy and precision. For more information on our laser cutting services for the military and defense industries, call us today at 586-294-8830.

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Cost Savings & Faster Turnaround on Low-Production Military Parts

Laser Specialists houses 3-axis and 5-axis precision laser cutting machines. This cutting-edge laser cutting equipment allows us to deliver your parts faster, better and costing less! We can find the best solution for your pre-production and production needs, which will maximize profits. Another important aspect of our laser cutting services is our CAD department. Here we specialize in prototype development providing our clients with quick, high-quality parts that do not require tooling. Our CAD department allows for parts to be developed without dimensioned prints. Find more information about our CAD department today!

Why Laser Specialists for Military & Defense Laser Cutting?

Laser Specialists has been in business for more than 25 years. Not only are we experienced, but also we provide the highest-quality parts and customer satisfaction. We provide low-production parts quickly and effectively. Laser Specialists helps your industry reduce costs and receive the best pre-production and production parts possible. Call us today and get started at 586-294-8830.